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Below is some information and projects that we need your help with. Also, at the bottom there is a list of people in case you have any questions. Thank you and congratulations!


We need your agreement to be signed and sent to Anthony Corroa as soon as possible.
Also, please fill out a W-9 and send to Anthony Corroa as soon as possible. You can email both documents to


We need a video of you! We will be showing your video before your piece begins. This is letting the audience know a little something about you and your piece.

What we would need from you:
1. Keep video to 90 seconds
2. HD and widescreen (16:9 ratio)
3. Wear solid color shirts/blouse
4. Look off camera (right or left of lens)
5. Try to video record in a room that isn’t busy (bedroom, living room etc). A simple background is perfect.
6. A tip for a professional looking video, ask your local tv station to record you or A.V. club at your school.

Interview Questions:
1. What is the name of your composition?
2. What is your piece about?
3. What is your process of writing a composition?
4. What should the audience listen for?
(Ask your family member or friend to ask you the questions above (off camera). Answer the question by repeating the question….ex. “My piece is about…” or “The audience should listen for…”

Video Examples:
Example #1: Jack
Example #2: Ben
Example #3: Jocelyn

Send your video to Rachel Santorelli in AVI or MP4 format via Google Drive or DropBox.


Please send HIGH RESOLUTION head shots to Rachel Santorelli if you already haven’t. We need these for all marketing materials.


Anthony Corroa, Executive Director: Email Him
Rachel Santorelli, Public Relations: Email Her


You can find a pdf of the rehearsal schedule here.
Please note that the 1st rehearsal on Thursday is intended to be a read through of all the works by the orchestra. Attendance by composers is not required at this rehearsal but we are happy to have you stop by to listen. Please let Anthony Corroa know if you will be attending.

Composers will be required to attend the subsequent rehearsals that involve your individual work. Please plan to arrive at the theater 30 minutes prior to the start of rehearsal.